Helpful reminders and suggestions for attendees to get the most out of INFOFLEX 2021.

Download Zoom

INFOFLEX 2021 takes place in FTA’s Virtual Conference Center, which is powered by the Zoom Meeting platform.
Use the links below to download and install the Zoom Client on your device. You will not be able to attend via a Web browser.

Update Warning

Make sure your Zoom Client is updated. Attendees must have Zoom version 5.3.0 or newer to access INFOFLEX 2021.

Visit Exhibitors

Each virtual booth is a breakout room inside Zoom. Follow these steps to get to, and move around, INFOFLEX 2021.


Click the Join INFOFLEX URL in your confirmation email to be taken to the event lobby.


Click the Breakout Rooms icon ( ) in your Zoom Dock to see a list of exhibitors.


Select an exhibitor and click Join to visit their booth and watch their presentation.
Watch a video explaining how to use Zoom to explore INFOFLEX 2021.

Zoom Etiquette

While virtual, INFOFLEX 2021 is still a face-to-face event.

Your Video Will Be On

When you enter the INFOFLEX 2021 lobby, your video will automatically turn on.
Attendees are asked to keep their video on while inside INFOFLEX 2021.

Respect Other Attendees

When interacting with other attendees, and exhibitors, be approachable and respectful.
Attendees are asked to wear business attire, and eat lunch before or after visiting INFOFLEX 2021.


Browse the list of exhibitors.

See what companies will be at INFOFLEX 2021, what markets they cater to, their featured products, presentation details and points of contact.

See the event schedule.

INFOFLEX 2021 is 15 hours spread across five days. Get dates and times for everything taking place.

Mark your calendar.

INFOFLEX 2021 takes place in the afternoon on May 12-13, and May 18-20.

Download a calendar reminder file to book your calendar during those days and times.

Watch exhibitor presentations.

Scheduled throughout all five days of INFOFLEX 2021, exhibitor presentations are a chance to listen to technical experts explain the details of their game changing technologies.

Attend the Virtual Social.

Catch up with industry colleagues and contacts before INFOFLEX 2021 begins.

All attendees are invited on Tuesday, May 11 to an end-of-day mix of virtual networking and entertainment.

INFOFLEX at Fall Conference

The return of the live and in-person exhibition, expanded in every direction.
INFOFLEX at Fall Conference brings more exhibitors, more space and more time to see next-generation package printing technologies, and consult one-on-one with the companies behind them.
Contact FTA Director of Membership & Business Development Jay Kaible to secure your booth.

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