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Submit Your Exhibit Guide Listing

Each listing appears on a dedicated web page on the INFOFLEX 2022 website and in FLEXO Magazine’s Exhibit Guide (inside the February 2022 issue).

Plus, exhibitors receive continual promotion and exposure through FTA’s social media channels.

Exhibitor Listing Features

  • Describe your company’s business focus
  • List the market segments you serve
  • Highlight new offerings, products featured in your booth or things to ask about
  • Name company representatives who will be on site
  • Provide contact information
  • Share social media accounts
  • Dedicated company web page
  • Choose from 10 market segments
  • Highlight a featured product
  • Indicate live demonstration availability
  • Select from more than 100 business categories
  • Upload a brochure to be downloaded
  • Display logo and featured product image

Submit your exhibitor listing by completing the form below.

Upload a Press Release

Let attendees and the entire package printing industry know about the products, services and machinery you’ll have in your booth.

Complete the form below, and upload your press release and images.

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