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For 66 years, Bieffebi has been a leader in the flexographic printing industry, specializing in manufacturing of the latest generation, high-quality, absolute precise mounters totally made in Italy. In its virtual booth, Bieffebi will highlight the advantages and performances of the AUTOMA 374 automatic mounter. This automatic mounter is having great success worldwide. This is due to its various patents, among which is the well-known VDP System. For the corrugated industry, Bieffebi will present a new-generation flat mounter model, PLANUS 348.

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Flexible Packaging, Labels/Tags/Decals, Corrugated Display & Packaging

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Anilox Cleaners, Corrugated Board, Corrugated Presses, Flexible Packaging Presses, Photopolymer Plates, Plate & Sleeve Mounting Equipment, Plate Cleaners, Prepress Design, Testing & Measuring Equipment

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Thursday, May 20
3:05 p.m.
Since 1955, Bieffebi has been a leader in the flexible packaging, preprint and corrugated industries. AUTOMA 374 is a latest generation and absolute precise automatic plate mounter totally made in Italy. Thanks to this newest technology, the machine, while mounting, leaves the operator free to do other jobs. AUTOMA 374 with VDP SYSTEM: Other than on microdots, the control of the register is done on image through the plate file by the VDP SYSTEM software (virtual data processing).

Featured Product

AUTOMA 374 is the latest generation, absolute precise and reliable automatic Bieffebi plate mounter totally made in Italy. Thanks to TL Application (Traffic Light) Software, it’s the machine itself that confirms the flexographic plates are mounted correctly and in perfect register, regardless of operator discretion.

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Via Frullo 1, Quarto Inferiore
Bologna 40057
Booth Contact(s)
Lucia Marani, Sales Manager
Ing. Lorenzo Sambri, Area Sales Manager
Bajaj Ismet, Technical Operator
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