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Company Information

CERM US Inc creates smart software solutions that improve productivity. The company believes in an automated workflow, in connecting all elements of your business and continuously striving for operational excellence—on CERM’s side, and yours. Through partnerships with industry leaders, CERM creates complete and scalable end-to-end solutions for your entire value chain. CERM: MIS software for labels and packaging.

Segments Served

Flexible Packaging
Boxmaking/Folding Carton

Business Categories

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software & Systems
Job Management Software

Featured Product

CERM MIS is developed to be industry-specific, meeting the special demands of printshops and packaging converters. The company takes on the challenge of streamlining your business by connecting all individual operating systems into a powerful production flow that proves to be more than just the sum of its parts.

Contact Details

PO Box 350
Zeeland, MI 49464

Booth Contact(s)

Steffen Haaga, Director of Global Business Development
Esteban Garcia, Business Development Manager
Rafael de Madalengoita, Business Development Manager

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