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Interflex Laser Engravers specializes in producing HD Anilox roll engravings utilizing the latest in fiber optic engraving technologies. Interflex’s innovative engraving solutions can help enhance color density, leave plates cleaner, and reduce dot gain, pin holing and premature anilox wear. Interflex also features an inventory of commonly sized sleeves to enable a quick turnaround for your process needs.

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Anilox Rolls & Sleeves
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High-definition anilox roll engravings. HD aniloxes are manufactured using the latest in fiber optic engraving technology. Customers have reported that they print much cleaner using HD anilox and experience less press downtime to clean plates. This results in higher levels of quality and productivity.
Interflex Laser Engravers

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175 Tradd St
Spartanburg, SC 29301

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David Skellie, CEO
Mickey Bower, Technical Manager

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