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Elevate your brand and your experience. Work with the Olberding Brand Family, a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated graphics services company that believes in craftsmanship, innovation and delighting clients. Its three brands—Gravity, Amplify and Phototype—provide focused services and expertise to provide a seamless path from design to shelf. Phototype is Olberding Brand Family’s premedia brand, which provides expertise in color management, separations and print tools, PQM, custom workflows and graphics lifecycle management tools.

Segments Served

Flexible Packaging

Business Categories

Asset Management
Brand Management
Color Management
Graphic Design
Photopolymer Plate Making
Photopolymer Plates
Prepress Design

Featured Product

Phototype has dedicated experts who will complete your brand's creative journey with accuracy and precision through production art, color management, separations and plate making.
Olberding Brand Family

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2141 Gilbert Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45206

Booth Contact(s)

Gerald Anglim, COO
Bill Hounshell, VP Printing Services
Troy Schadler, Client Engagement Manager

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