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Progressive Recovery Inc (PRI) is an industry leader in solvent management solutions, providing industrial wash and solvent recovery systems to the printing, packaging and converting markets. PRI’s distillation technologies are also used in the paints, coatings, sealants, transportation, chem/petro, food/beverage and biofuel industries.

Segments Served

Flexible Packaging, Labels/Tags/Decals, Converting Equipment, Specialty Printing

Business Categories

Adhesives, Anilox Cleaners, Photopolymer Plate Making, Photopolymer Plates, Plate Cleaners, Press Cleaners, Recycling Systems, Solvent-Based Coatings, Solvent-Based Inks

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Tuesday, May 18
2:35 p.m.
PRI’s solvent recovery systems are designed to save both time and money. Return on investment typically ranges from a few months to less than three years. The company’s industry-leading systems provide clients with a clean, green and reliable solution to recycle contaminated solvents from on-press cleaning. PRI’s robust systems come with a 10-year vessel warranty, a 20+ year operational life, and are among the safest and affordable solvent recovery systems available in the world.

Featured Product

Introduced in 1992, PRI’s PlateVac Solvent Recovery System helped to revolutionize the flexographic printing industry by providing a compact, packaged system designed to be hard-piped directly to plate processors, operating automatically, supplying clean reclaimed plate wash upon demand.
Progressive Recovery Inc PRI featured product INFOFLEX 2021

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700 Industrial Dr
Dupo, IL 62239
Booth Contact(s)
Justin Bowers, Sales Engineer
John Elliot, Sales Engineer
Jim Laarman, President
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